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Appointed as Organization Minister of Bharatiya Jana Sangh of Ten Districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Elected as a distinguished member in the year 1960, he was appointed as the leader of the Jana Sangh in the Lucknow Municipal Corporation.

Elected as a Head of Municipal Corporation.

Elected as a Member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council and remained a member of the Legislative Council till 1970.

Served as Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Uttar Pradesh.

State President of Bharatiya Jana Sangh

He contributed to the Department of Heavy Industries, Small Scale Industries, Handloom and Handicrafts and Rural Industries Departments from 15 September 1977 to 11 February 1979. in the cabinet of Shri Ram Naresh Yadav.

He became Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh from November 12, 1999 to October 28,2000.

Was the Governor of Madhya Pradesh from May 7, 2003 to May 01, 2004.